Ezt így Hétfőre…

What is your name?
I’m not asking to make awkward conversation,
I just genuinely want to know you better.
Where do you live?
I’m not asking to be a stalker,
I just want to send you anonymous love letters.

What time do you get up everyday?
Do you sleep in til the early afternoon,
get up at 7am catch the kids cartoons?

Do you get scared?
Of big dogs, or heights,
monsters under the bed, rooms with no lights

All these things and more
Gotta take them on before I take you on as mine aaand

All the little details might not matter to no-one else
but i genuinely care, how often do you wash your hair?!
All the little details might slip past the minds of people who are mean
but i really wanna know,
are you everything that you seem?

Verse 2
What is your favourite food?
And what is your number, or would asking thay be rude?

do you walk ’round in slippers or solks in your house when no one’s there,
and do you like your steak,
medium or rare?


Favourite colour,
favourite season,
favourite number,
and the reason
you’re still standing here listening to me?

Cause you’ve stuck around ’til question 23,
so i wanted to know,
do you have any questions for me?

(sillyness, a few beyonce moments)

Copyright Orla Gartland 2010 ©